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Item # 9.
Work Session and Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 04/14/2020  
Department: General Services  
Pillars: Excellence in Asset Management

Consider Action on a Resolution to Approve a Contract Agreement with Nouveau Technology Services L.P., D.B.A Nouveau Construction and Technology Services L.P. for the Fire Station Apparatus Bay Doors Replacement Project and Authorize the City Manager to Execute the Agreement in an Amount Not to Exceed $171,225.
In the Fiscal Year 2020 Council approved funds proposed to purchase and install new Apparatus Bay Doors for Central Fire Station #1 and Fire Station #2. The current bay doors have exceeded their useful life and are experiencing increased failures. During Fiscal Year 2020, there have been 15 maintenance issues that have required repair. The increase in door failures can directly impact Fire Department operations. When doors are not operational, it takes valuable time for staff to manually raise the door to respond to a call.  Additionally, if they cannot get the door closed before responding to a call, the facility is left exposed with the possibility that the building is not occupied and open. These doors are critical from both an operational and security perspective.             

Nouveau Construction was selected based on straight low bid. Procurement for this project was solicited through a competitive bidding process. Bid 20-08 was posted to BidSync on October 22, 2019 with no bid submissions. This item was reposted to BidSync as item 20-71 on January 21, 2020 and closed February 4, 2020. There were 2 proposals submitted. Below is a summary of the bids received;
Bid# 20-71 Re-Bid Fire Station Bay Door Replacements
Vendor Central Fire Fire Station 2 Total:
Nouveau Construction & Technology  $         112,765.00  $           58,460.00  $      171,225.00
Overhead Door Company of Dallas  $         123,960.00  $           61,990.00  $      185,950.00

This project is budgeted for in the General Fund in the amount of $180,000. The services proposed are below the budgeted amount. The anticipated timeline for this project would have substantial completion to be reached before September 18th, 2020.
Administration recommends approval. 
Resolution- Nouveau Construction
Bid Document - Nouveau Construction

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