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Item # 10.
Work Session and Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 04/14/2020  
Department: Infrastructure- Development Services  
Pillars: Excellence in Asset Management
Excellence in Transportation Systems
Milestones: Implement the Asset Management Plan


Consider Action to Approve the Purchase of Traffic Signal Controllers, Traffic Signal Lights, Traffic Signal Backup Batteries, and Associated Components and the Renewal of Traffic Signal Software, Maintenance, and Testing of the Back-Up Battery System from Paradigm Traffic Systems, Inc  in an Amount not to Exceed $86,575.


As part of the annual signal system maintenance program, the Streets Division of the Public Works and Engineering Services Department purchases replacement equipment, such as signal controllers, signal lights, pedestrian crossing buttons, signal poles, and other components for the Town's 37 signalized intersections.

As approved in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 operations budget, the Streets Division is replacing 5 of the traffic system's signal controllers because they have reached the end of their useful life and replacement parts are not available. The Town's 37 signalized intersections also have battery backups that keep the lights in operation in the event of a power outage. Depending on the intersection, the battery backup provides up to 4 hours of normal operation and an additional 4 hours of flashing red lights during a power outage. The battery back-ups for 9 of the signalized intersections will be replaced this year. Additionally, LED signal lights and pedestrian crossing signs will be replaced at 7 intersections this year. The signals will also be outfitted with updated Malfunction Management Units (MMU) at 12 intersections. Finally, the purchase includes renewal of the Centracs Traffic Signal Software.

All of these items and services will be purchased through BuyBoard, a state-wide collective purchasing agency that bids out services and products for its members to provide the leverage needed to achieve better pricing on products, equipment, and services.

The detailed cost of the items to be purchased are included below:

Item Quantity Cost
Econolite Cobalt Signal Controllers 5 $13,750
Annual Centracs Software Maintenance Agreement 1 $8,750
Malfunction Management Units 12 $12,420
Batteries for Battery Backup Units and Testing for Nine Intersections 1 $8,640
LED Traffic Signal Lights and Pedestrian Lights 1 $23,015
Miscellaneous Repairs Due to Unforeseen Failures 1 $20,000
Total - $86,575
Administration Recommends Approval.
Buyboard Quotes - Paradigm Traffic Systems, Inc.

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