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Item # 4.
Work Session and Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 04/14/2020  
Department: General Services  
Pillars: Excellence in Asset Management

Present and Discuss the Findings of the Facility Utilization Study and Consider Three Broad Concepts to Meet the Current and Future Town of Addison Facility Needs.
In July of 2019, through a Request for Proposal, LPA was engaged to help the Town conduct a facility usage study. This study looked at eight facilities that could be considered for modifications. The process involved extensive interviews with staff on how they use the facilities currently, what departments they interact with and, what they see as future needs for their departments. Additionally, LPA conducted an in-depth review of the selected facilities to create to scale floor plans.

LPA collected and analyzed the data and was asked to broadly develop some concepts to present for consideration. The goal is to begin a data driven discussion to find a solution that will provide improved functionality for staff and the public, accommodate future growth, and address the facility deficiencies that currently exist with buildings in excess of 30 years old.

LPA was asked to consider the following in providing broad concepts for consideration:
  • A phased, long-term plan with an actionable first phase;
  • Provide recommendations for repurposing existing facilities;
  • Improve delivery of city services to the community;
  • Improve space usage to lower long-term operating costs;
  • Improve functional department adjacencies and efficiencies;
  • Address the issue of aging facilities and deferred maintenance costs;
  • Implement current occupancy standards; and
  • Consider a strategic location for city services in a central facility or adjacent facility.
LPA will present their findings to begin a discussion of the future of Addison facilities.
Staff requests direction from Council.
Presentation - LPA Facility Utilization Study
Report - LPA Facility Utilization Study

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